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Shaping Success

How a Medical Weight Loss Clinic Won with Google Ads While Staying Compliant

RCMC Medical Center specializes in offering personalized weight loss programs tailored to individual needs.

With established clinics in Rancho Cucamonga, Hesperia, and Banning, California, RCMC has developed a comprehensive approach to weight loss, crafted by a team of expert doctors and nutritionists. Their programs include Medical HCG injections, Lipo-Plus solutions, appetite suppressants, and the renowned "lose 30 pounds in 30 days" regimen.

  • The Highlight

    Increase in Sales

The results
  • 695

    Consultations Booked Through Website

  • 256

    Calls Generated from Ads

  • 235

    Weight-Loss Packages Sold

  • $91

    Avg. Cost-Per-Lead


Low volume of leadsNot enough leads coming into their practice.

Poor conversion ratesChallenges turning clicks into consultations.

Ad Compliance IssuesDifficulty navigating Google Ads healthcare advertising policies.

Difficulty reporting across multiple locationsInconvenient to track results across 3 medical weight loss centers.


Optimized Search Ads on Google Ads
Launched targeted ad campaigns to capture high-intent searches for visitors looking for medical weight loss solutions.

Compliant Landing Pages & Ads
Developed compliant landing pages and copy with required disclaimers to ensure ads were in line with Google’s healthcare guidelines.


Aggregate Reporting Dashboard
Consolidated data from all channels for a comprehensive view of campaign performance, with individualized dashboards for each clinic.

Full CRM Integration for end-to-end lead tracking
Enabled seamless tracking of leads from initial contact to sold weight-loss program within their CRM system.”

Results are everything. It's that simple.