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Mountain Lux Living at Solstice Tower Ranch

Solstice at Tower Ranch utilized the sophisticated reach of Google Ads to connect with discerning retirees seeking an upscale living experience.

Driving Conversions with a 297% Increase in Form Submissions and Calls

Solstice Tower Ranch is a land lease community in the Okanagan Region of British Columbia. Parkbridge was looking for a Google Ads partner to help them promote the Solstice community to generate immediate leads from empty-nesters and retirees. Our targeted Google Ads campaign for the client saw a remarkable 297% increase in total conversions, comprising 205 website form submissions and 92 calls from paid ad campaigns. The standout achievement was a 37% improvement in account-wide Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This significant boost in engagement underscores the effectiveness of our strategic approach in driving meaningful client interactions and achieving impressive business outcomes.

  • The Highlight

    Increase in Total Conversions

The results
  • 205

    Website Form Submissions

  • 92

    Calls from Paid Ad Campaigns

  • 25%

    Decrease in Cost-Per-Acquisition

  • 37%

    Increase in New Website Visitors

The Challenge

Navigating Complexities to Generate High-Quality Leads

Our client faced several challenges in generating high-quality leads for their live residential development. They needed to quickly attract potential residents, but Google’s anti-discrimination policy restricted ad targeting capabilities for housing, making it difficult to precisely reach their desired audience. Determining the most effective target demographic was crucial—whether to focus locally or expand to broader Western Canada, and whether to target Gen X/Baby Boomers or Seniors. Additionally, the high cost of clicks in this industry contributed to a higher overall cost per lead, making it essential to keep click costs reasonable while maintaining lead quality. This complex landscape required a strategic approach to successfully fill their properties.

Solutions: Phase I

Laying the Groundwork for Effective Lead Generation

In Phase 1, we focused on establishing a solid foundation for effective lead generation. We began by setting up comprehensive tracking using Google Tag Manager, ensuring that we could accurately monitor user interactions and campaign performance. Next, we created targeted landing pages specifically for Solstice Tower Home ranches, designed to funnel users towards a registration form to capture high-quality leads. To reach their target audience of empty nesters and retirees, we conducted thorough keyword research to identify and target the most relevant search terms. This strategic setup was crucial in aligning our efforts with the client’s goals and setting the stage for successful lead generation.

Solutions: Phase II

Executing Targeted Search Campaigns

In Phase II, we launched Google Search Ads with separate campaigns for each location, including the Kelowna area and three other Western Canada cities, each with dedicated landing pages. We bid on brand keywords to improve brand awareness in the residential property space. To focus traffic on recent retirees rather than seniors or those looking for specific types of housing, we added negative keywords such as “senior homes,” “buy home in Kelowna,” and “rentals.” Additionally, we launched Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns to re-engage users who had browsed the site but had not yet converted. To capture searches not already covered by our existing keywords, we also initiated Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaigns. This multifaceted approach ensured comprehensive coverage and targeted lead generation.

Solutions: Phase III

Enhancing Reach with Google Discovery and Display

In Phase III, we launched Google Discovery Ads, now known as Demand Gen, across Gmail, YouTube, and the Discovery network to promote brand awareness and drive high-intent searches. These ads targeted new audiences who were retired or retiring soon, as well as those planning to move or purchase a home. We supported lower funnel prospecting through remarketing and AdWords Optimized Lists. Additionally, we set up Google responsive Display Ads to retarget website visitors from the past 90 days who had shown interest in the properties. We allocated 10% of the overall budget to these efforts to generate additional demand and enhance engagement with potential leads.

Solutions: Phase IV

Fine-Tuning for Maximum Efficiency

In the advanced optimizations phase, we focused on ongoing improvements to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We implemented a $15 max CPC bid limit to reduce both the Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Regular search term cleanups were performed to filter out irrelevant traffic, such as senior communities, standard home buyers (as opposed to those looking for a land lease community), and those looking to rent apartments. We also layered high-intent observation audiences with our search campaigns to identify top-performing cohorts. By applying these top-converting audiences to our search campaigns, we successfully lowered the cost per lead, ensuring that our efforts remained targeted and efficient.


Strategic PPC Execution for Outstanding Results

Through a meticulously planned and executed PPC campaign, we significantly enhanced lead generation and brand awareness for our client’s residential properties. Phase I laid a solid foundation with comprehensive tracking and targeted landing pages, ensuring accurate monitoring and effective funneling of high-quality leads. In Phase II, our targeted Google Search and Discovery Ads, coupled with precise Display Retargeting efforts, broadened audience engagement and boosted conversions. The advanced optimizations in Phase III refined our approach further, reducing costs and enhancing lead quality through strategic bidding and audience targeting.

Key Results
Successfully captured 205 website form submissions, engaged 92 potential clients through direct calls, and achieved a 37% improvement in CPA.

Results are everything. It's that simple.