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Achieving 3X Increase in Student Intake: University’s Enrolment Success

Full spectrum strategies driving exceptional growth in student admissions for a leading university.

Rutgers University Increases 4X Student Volume

Over the past year, the university achieved remarkable growth in student intake through a strategic digital campaign. The campaign resulted in over 11 million impressions, marking a significant 312.67% increase from their previous efforts. This boost in visibility led to 265,214 clicks to the admissions pages, a 410.26% increase. The improved engagement saw the university achieving 4,582 prospective student transactions, a 426.80% rise compared to prior efforts. This strategic initiative culminated in an impressive increase in student intake and interest, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted advertising. Dive into the full case study to see how tailored strategies can drive exceptional results.

  • The Highlight

    Increase in Students Admission Requests

The results
  • 1,068

    Completed Program Inquiry Forms

  • 314

    Scheduled Admissions Meetings

  • 2,678

    Direct Contacts Initiated

  • 414

    Program Enrollments

  • 109

    Phone Consultations Requested

The Challenge

Overcoming Key Obstacles

The university faced several significant challenges in their digital marketing efforts aimed at increasing student enrolment. They struggled with generating sufficient monthly leads to maintain a robust pipeline of prospective business students. The highly competitive market made it difficult to stand out among numerous institutions vying for the same pool of potential students. Additionally, engaging diverse student demographics for business programs was a challenge. Specific hurdles included promoting particular business programs or new courses to the right audience. These obstacles significantly hindered the university’s ability to boost student enrolment effectively.

Solutions: Phase I

Establishing a Comprehensive PPC Strategy

To address the university’s challenges, we initiated Phase I by developing a comprehensive PPC strategy tailored to increase student intake requests and enhance competitiveness in the market. We implemented targeted keywords and ad extensions with compelling copy highlighting the school’s benefits, increasing lead volume. By competitively bidding on high-intent keywords and using competitor targeting, we ensured the university appeared prominently in searches for other business schools, positioning it as a top choice. Additionally, we used demographic targeting to tailor ads by age, gender, and parental status, creating resonant ad copy and landing pages that highlighted inclusivity and engaged a broader audience. This foundational setup was integral to the success of our subsequent campaigns.

Solutions: Phase II

Implementing Diverse Ad Campaigns

In Phase II, we focused on launching diverse ad campaigns across Google Search, Discovery, Display, and Performance Max Ads to drive high-intent traffic and engage prospects. For Google Search Ads, we continued targeting high-intent keywords, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. With Google Discovery Ads, we leveraged audience insights and visually appealing content to capture potential students’ attention, resulting in a significant increase in monthly student inquiries. Google Display Ads were used to re-engage visitors interested in various programs, employing segmented creatives and contextual targeting. Performance Max Ads maximized reach across Google properties using machine learning, resulting in more leads and dynamically adjusted bids. These campaigns collectively aimed to boost visibility, engagement, and lead generation.

Solutions: Phase III

Advanced Optimizations for Maximum Impact

In Phase III, we implemented advanced optimizations to maximize the impact of our campaigns. We used keyword strategies and ad groups focused on specific programs, creating tailored ads that drove program-specific inquiries and increased enrolment. Additionally, we targeted in-market and remarketing audiences with content-rich ads, boosting the school’s impression share. We also used interest-based targeting and program-specific content in ads, driving significant increases in enrolment inquiries. Leveraging automated targeting and audience signals, we reached diverse students with varied ad creatives, engaging a broad audience. These advanced optimizations were pivotal in amplifying the university’s digital presence and driving sustained growth in student enrolment.


Maximizing Rutgers University Enrolment through Strategic PPC Campaigns

Through a phased approach, we successfully transformed the Rutgers University’s digital marketing efforts, resulting in substantial growth in student enrolment and increased competitiveness. By establishing a comprehensive PPC strategy in Phase I, we laid a solid foundation for effective campaign management. Phase II’s diverse ad campaigns across Google platforms drove high-intent traffic and engaged prospects, while Phase III’s advanced optimizations expanded reach and maximized impact. These strategic efforts culminated in impressive results, including a 328% increase in student admission requests, 1,068 completed program inquiry forms, 314 scheduled admissions meetings, and 414 program enrolments. This case study demonstrates how a well-executed PPC strategy can drive exceptional outcomes and ensure long-term success for higher education institutions.

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