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Premier Acquisition: Woodside Hotels' Success with Targeted Search

Woodside Hotels, a distinguished chain of seven premier hotels, sought to expand their luxury clientele by leveraging advanced digital advertising strategies.

Unlocking $5M Revenue For Woodside Hotels

In our first year of working together, our strategic marketing efforts unlocked 8,168 direct room bookings for Woodside Hotels, with an impressive average booking value of $618. Achieving an average cost-per-booking of just $32, we optimized Woodside's investment, generating over $5 million in revenue. With a 21x return on ad spend, we set new benchmarks in profitability and success for Woodside Hotels.

  • The Highlight

    Avg. ROAS

The results
  • 8,168

    New Bookings from Site

  • $618

    Avg Booking Value

  • $32

    Avg Cost-Per-Booking

  • $5M+

    Revenue Generated

The Challenge

Overcoming Marketing Obstacles for Woodside Hotels

Woodside Hotels, a prestigious chain of seven premier hotels, faced several challenges in their marketing efforts. They struggled with new customer acquisition, finding it difficult to attract guests who were not already familiar with their brand.

After conducting a complimentary audit of their ad accounts, we uncovered significant inefficiencies in ad spending, leading to a wasted budget. We also identified major tracking issues, making it difficult to pinpoint which ads were driving bookings. Additionally, disjointed reporting from the seven different hotels made consolidating results a tedious and time-consuming process. These challenges severely hindered Woodside Hotels’ ability to optimize their marketing strategy and achieve their business goals.

Solutions: Phase I

Campaign Strategy & Setup

To tackle Woodside Hotels’ challenges, we began with a comprehensive setup and strategy phase. We established an omnichannel reporting dashboard for Google and Bing Ads, aggregating results from all hotels while also providing individual performance insights for quick and easy decision-making.

We implemented comprehensive revenue conversion tracking to monitor the value of each booking accurately. Our strategy targeted brand keywords to encourage direct bookings, which are more profitable than those from partner sites.

Additionally, we focused on new customer acquisition by launching campaigns that excluded existing visitors who had already booked on their site. This phase laid the foundation for effective and efficient advertising efforts.

Solutions: Phase II

Search, Discovery & Retargeting Ads

In Phase II, we focused on achieving quick wins and optimizing existing campaigns. We enhanced search ads on Google and Bing by targeting high-intent keywords that would lead to immediate bookings, while adding high-traffic or high-cost keywords with no conversions as negatives.

To raise brand awareness, we launched discovery ads targeting frequent travelers, showcasing stunning imagery of Woodside Hotels across YouTube, Gmail, and Google’s Discovery Network.

Additionally, we implemented remarketing ads for cart abandoners, featuring custom ads that targeted previous site visitors, which boosted return bookings by 15%. This phase maximized immediate results and laid the groundwork for sustained growth.

Solutions: Phase III

Performance Max Hotel Ads

In Phase III, we introduced advanced strategies to further elevate Woodside Hotels’ marketing efforts. We set up and optimized Performance Max Hotel Ads, designed to enable hotels to showcase their rooms and rates across Google’s vast network. This required meticulous setup, including configuring hotel inventory, room details, pricing, and availability.

We also developed compelling ad creatives and utilized audience signals to ensure these ads reached potential customers at the right moment. Continuous optimization was key, involving regular analysis of performance data, adjusting bids, and refining targeting to maximize ROI. This phase ensured that Woodside Hotels’ marketing strategy remained cutting-edge and highly effective, driving sustained growth and engagement.

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