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Boosting Customer Demos: Google Ads Triumph for SaaS

Tikit, a SaaS provider for Microsoft Teams, aimed to accelerate growth by increasing product subscriptions through strategic digital advertising.

Tikit is the leading Microsoft-aligned IT Service Management platform.

Tikit provides SaaS that help IT teams stay organized and better track issues. They are a B2B SaaS provider. Tikit has been designed to help organizations leverage their existing Microsoft investments to streamline IT service delivery and improve visibility and reporting.

  • The Highlight

    Overall Ad Engagements

The results
  • 152

    Low-Funnel Downloads

  • 6M


  • 84K



Brand AwarenessBeing a small player in a niche SaaS IT-Service Management industry, they were lesser known 

New User AcquisitionBecause of their positioning, they struggled in expanding as consumers were unaware of the brand & its offerings.



Performance Max CampaignsUtilized Performance Max and segmented asset groups by brand focussed and features focussed messaging and assets to leverage both brand identity and product need. It also allowed us to advertise across the various networks of Google to ensure that we can stay within the client’s consideration at a fraction of the cost.

Video Campaigns
Introducing Tikit to a new user, or communicating and showcasing product features through a video campaign helped educated the user in a engaging way. It’s also helped strengthen and broaden the top of the funnel in a niche market.



Search AdsLeveraged the high-intent and in-market audiences using Search ads, targeting users at the bottom of the funnel to lower acquisition costs.
Targeted high-intent non-branded keywords to support new customer acquisition goals.

Branded Search CampaignTo leverage the user engagement from Video & Pmax campaigns and capitalize on brand recall, we had a branded search campaign. It allowed us to target clicks from high-intent user while ensuring the CPCs are low.

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