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Elevating a Luxury Skincare Giant’s Digital Footprint

Discover how Google and Meta Ads transformed Dermalogica Canada's digital presence and drove exceptional growth in the luxury skincare market.

Transforming Beauty & Skincare Sales: $1.37 Million in Ad Revenue

In a market flooded with beauty and skincare brands, Dermalogica stood out thanks to Utopiads’ strategic digital campaigns. We attracted over 39,000 new users to their website and generated $1,377,000 in revenue from paid channels. This case study shows how effective digital strategies can lead to significant growth and customer engagement.

  • Results


The results
  • 39,000+

    New Users on

  • 72% Increase

    Traffic to Sephora Brand Site

  • 7,932

    Online Purchases

The Challenge

Breaking Through in a Crowded Market

Dermalogica Canada faced multiple hurdles in their digital marketing efforts. One of the main challenges was acquiring new customers who were not already familiar with the brand. Despite their strong reputation, reaching a broader audience required more advanced strategies. Additionally, the beauty and skincare industry is known for its intense competition, which necessitated sophisticated digital approaches to drive sales and maintain customer loyalty.

Another critical issue was the timely execution of campaigns. The fast-paced nature of online promotions and product releases highlighted the need for an agile paid media partner. Finally, evaluating campaign performance was complicated due to the diverse range of KPIs and product focuses, making it difficult to achieve a cohesive assessment of their digital efforts.

Solutions: Phase 1

Streamlining and Optimizing Campaigns for Maximum Efficiency

In the initial phase, Utopiads restructured Dermalogica’s Google and Meta campaigns to maximize efficiency and eliminate wasteful spending. The team conducted a thorough audit of existing campaigns, identifying and cutting keywords and ads with low ROAS that were draining the budget without delivering results. This allowed for a more focused allocation of resources towards high-performing elements.

Campaigns were segmented based on different products and target audiences to ensure more precise targeting and relevance. This segmentation enabled Utopiads to tailor messages and bids specifically for each audience group, maximizing engagement and conversion rates. By optimizing the structure of these campaigns, Utopiads set the foundation for a more efficient and effective digital marketing strategy.

Solutions: Phase II

Enhancing Targeting and Expanding Reach with Meta Ads

To find the most effective audience for each campaign, we tested various Meta audience types, including lookalike audiences, detailed targeting, and broad targeting. We applied audience exclusions to ensure that ads did not reach existing customers, optimizing our efforts toward new prospects. Different ad types, such as static images, videos, and carousels, were implemented, and we experimented with various creative formats like how-to videos, before-and-after images, user-generated content, and product versus model images to see which resonated best with the audience.

Campaigns were launched to optimize for engaged page views, increasing overall reach and driving link clicks from relevant prospecting audiences. Ads with high positive engagement were duplicated to boost exposure and leverage social proof, enhancing credibility and interest.

Dynamic product ads were implemented to retarget cart abandoners, encouraging them to complete their purchase of previously viewed products. Various custom audiences, including website visitors, Facebook/Instagram engagers, cart abandoners, and product page viewers, were tested to optimize retargeting efforts. Past purchasers were also targeted during new product launches to foster interest and loyalty among existing customers.

Solutions: Phase II

Enhancing Targeting and Expanding Reach with Google Ads

Google Search and YouTube campaigns were optimized, targeting high-intent non-brand keywords to attract new customers. These search campaigns were layered with audience segments to zero in on high-value customers. Leveraging insights from our Google partnership, Utopiads predicted consumer demand and strategically invested in rising keyword searches. Mid-funnel brand awareness campaigns on YouTube were also run to support major product launches and increase brand recognition within the skincare consumer base.

Solutions: Phase III

Campaign Type & Geo Expansion

Omni-channel Performance Max campaigns were launched with an optimized product feed to improve product visibility in search results. These campaigns were designed to meet new customer acquisition goals and optimize for conversions from new customers, thus boosting overall revenue. First-party customer lists from platforms like Shopify and GA4 were used as audience signals to refine targeting and guide algorithms towards users with a higher likelihood of making a purchase.

To penetrate the Quebec market, we launched targeted campaigns with French ad copy, ensuring budget efficiency by maintaining low frequency. Strategically timed gift-with-purchase ads during mega-sales maximized reach and returns.

Solutions: Analytics & Tracking

99% Conversion Accuracy & Incrementality Testing

Utopiads implemented comprehensive conversion tracking for both Google and Meta via Google Tag Manager. Meta’s Conversions API and Google’s Enhanced Conversions were activated, achieving 99% conversion accuracy through server-side tracking with Elevar. To provide clear insights, customized omni-channel dashboards were developed to track KPIs for each marketing initiative separately. Partnering with Measured for incrementality testing and reporting ensured a thorough understanding of which campaigns were bringing in the highest number of incremental sales.


Holistic Impact of Strategic Ad Campaigns

Through a comprehensive, multi-phase digital strategy, Utopiads significantly transformed Dermalogica’s digital marketing performance. Our campaigns successfully attracted a large number of new users to their website and substantially increased traffic to the Sephora brand site. By driving significant online purchases and generating substantial revenue from paid channels, the results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

By addressing key challenges, optimizing campaigns, diversifying marketing tactics, and implementing advanced analytics and tracking solutions, we drove substantial growth and profitability. This case study highlights the power of a well-rounded, data-driven strategy in achieving outstanding success in the competitive beauty and skincare market. Utopiads’ efforts not only boosted immediate sales but also enhanced brand presence and customer engagement, ensuring long-term growth and loyalty.

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