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Serving Up Success for a Restaurant Equipment Supplier

Learn how Zanduco’s partnership with Utopiads led to a significant growth in conversions and revenue, redefining success in the restaurant equipment industry.

Exceptional Growth for a Canadian Restaurant Equipment Supplier: Zanduco’s Success Story

Utopiads’ strategic paid search optimizations enabled Zanduco Restaurant Equipment to achieve impressive milestones in their B2B advertising journey. In a one-year span, Zanduco generated a remarkable $1.08 million in revenue and achieved a strong 3.5 ROAS. With 153K clicks and 843 high-value purchases, this case study highlights the effectiveness of a meticulously crafted advertising strategy tailored to Zanduco’s unique market. The campaigns also facilitated 1.2K calls for product inquiries and order placements, emphasizing the comprehensive impact of our approach in driving both online and offline conversions. Zanduco’s success exemplifies the impact of informed optimizations based on detailed performance analysis and strategic reallocation of advertising budgets. Through these efforts, we transformed the brand’s e-commerce performance, delivering exceptional results in the restaurant equipment industry.

  • The Highlight

    Revenue Generated

The results
  • 3.5x


  • 153K


  • 843


  • 1.2K


The Challenge

Addressing Inefficiencies in a Complex B2B E-Commerce Landscape

When Zanduco Restaurant Equipment approached Utopiads in late 2017, they faced several significant challenges that hindered their ability to attract potential customers which ultimately resulted in low order volumes.

One major challenge was that numerous campaigns were consuming budgets without yielding conversions. Our audit showed that among the 146 active campaigns in their Google Ads account, only a fraction were effectively driving meaningful traffic.

Additionally, missed opportunities were evident in budget-constrained campaigns. Zanduco’s search impression share for example was only 16.61%, indicating a significant amount of untapped traffic and conversion potential.

Furthermore, there was a lack of insight into the full customer journey and the true value of each online conversion. Some customers acquired through Google were calling to finalize purchases, but these calls were not tracked. Additionally, the revenue resulting from online purchases was not reported back to Google Ads. This lack of conversion data hindered the efficiency of the campaigns.

Overcoming these challenges required a strategic approach, focusing on data-driven adjustments, a more comprehensive conversion tracking, and targeted budget reallocations to transform Zanduco’s e-commerce performance.


Solutions: Phase I

Eliminating Ad Budget Wastage and Comprehensive Conversion Tracking

To address the inefficiencies identified in our audit, we initiated the first phase by establishing a comprehensive revenue conversion tracking and call tracking system. This allowed us to capture crucial data on both call conversions and online revenue, providing a clearer picture of customer interactions and enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.

Next, we restructured the account by pausing underperforming campaigns and consolidating similar-themed keywords and similar products into their respective search and shopping campaigns. This consolidation streamlined the account structure, making it more efficient and easier to manage. With a clearer and more focused campaign setup, we then reallocated budgets to the better-performing campaigns, particularly Shopping campaigns, to maximize return on investment and optimize ad spend.

Solutions: Phase II

Boosting Sales and Broadening Ad Campaign Reach

In the second phase, our focus shifted to directly boosting revenue and broadening Zanduco’s ad campaign reach. We launched Performance Max (PMax) campaigns to replace the Shopping campaigns, expanding ad reach across other Google networks. We also improved the product feeds by addressing missing GTINs and enhancing other product attributes, such as shipping labels – to ensure the free shipping annotation appeared alongside the shopping ads, making the offers more attractive.

We created separate campaigns for best-selling items, such as refrigeration units, and developed seasonal campaigns to align with consumer demand. For example, we launched targeted campaigns for coffee machines, focusing on both businesses and direct consumers during the Christmas season, capitalizing on heightened demand during the gift-giving month.

Solutions: Phase III

Expanding the Strategy for New Customer Acquisition and Maximum Exposure

In the final phase, we aimed to enhance Zanduco’s strategy for acquiring new customers and maximizing brand exposure. We launched campaigns targeting select states in the USA and showcasing top-selling items to ensure consistent revenue generation in this international market expansion.

We also implemented Demand Gen Prospecting campaigns to increase brand awareness and attract potential new customers. By gradually entering new markets and broadening our efforts to include upper-funnel campaigns, we ensured that Zanduco’s e-commerce performance continued to grow, reaching a wider audience and driving sustained success.


Realizing Extraordinary Achievements

Utopiads employed a strategic, multi-phase approach to enhance Zanduco Restaurant Equipment’s digital marketing efforts. Overcoming key challenges, fine-tuning campaigns, and introducing comprehensive conversion tracking led to impressive results. The outstanding figures—$1.08 million in revenue, a 3.5 ROAS, 843 purchases, and 1.2K calls—demonstrate the effectiveness of a well-rounded data-driven strategy in the restaurant equipment market.

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