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Breaking Into the Beauty Industry with Profitable Success

Explore how Google Ads enabled Oak Essentials to effectively enter the beauty market and achieve sustainable profitability.

Beauty Brand Breakthrough: Oak Essentials’ Profitable Entry and Growth

Utopiads’ targeted Google Ads strategy led Oak Essentials to generate $1.9 million in revenue and 13.7K purchases within a year. With a strong 5.7 ROAS and 114K clicks, this case study showcases the power of a tailored advertising approach, leveraging diverse campaign types for a profitable ROI.

  • The Highlight

    Revenue Generated

The results
  • 5.70x


  • 13.7K


  • 114K


The Challenge

Overcoming Key Obstacles

Oak Essentials encountered several challenges as a new skincare brand entering the clean beauty market. Competing with established brands that had strong customer loyalty and recognition was a significant obstacle. Additionally, they needed to overcome the shadow of their sister brand, Jenni Kayne, to establish a distinct identity. Building brand awareness from scratch and acquiring new customers required advanced strategies to attract attention and convert interest into purchase and loyalty. These challenges required a dynamic digital marketing approach to ensure successful market entry and sustained growth.

Solutions: Phase I

Establishing a Strong E-commerce Advertising Foundation

In Phase I, our goal was to strategically test the waters of paid advertising for Oak Essentials, a new brand. We focused on high-intent searches to maximize profitability while increasing brand awareness from the outset.

Our search campaigns targeted non-brand keywords to attract relevant traffic from users searching for clean beauty products, such as “clean moisturizer,” “natural cleansing balm,” and “exfoliating face mask.” To leverage brand recognition and divert interest towards Oak Essentials, we included keywords like “Jenni Kayne skincare.”

We also implemented Shopping campaigns, essential for e-commerce success, to display Oak Essentials’ products prominently in search results. Additionally, we used display remarketing to re-engage cart abandoners, ensuring that potential customers who had shown interest were encouraged to complete their purchases. This foundational setup set the stage for a successful and impactful advertising strategy.

Solutions: Phase II

Enhancing Direct Revenue and Expanding Reach

In Phase II, we focused on further optimizations to capture direct revenue while expanding the reach and audience pool. We partnered with Feedonomics to create an improved product feed, increasing product visibility and conversion rates. We also refined product segmentations to highlight best sellers and ensure that other high-potential products received adequate budget allocation. Additionally, we implemented Performance Max (PMax) campaigns and Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) to further expand reach and capture relevant traffic that we might have been missing.

Solutions: Phase III

Driving Future Growth through Upper Funnel Strategies

In Phase III, we enhanced upper funnel efforts to support sustainable growth for Oak Essentials. This phase involved launching Video Action and Demand Gen campaigns to attract new potential customers and build brand awareness. We also implemented New Customer Acquisition Bidding, prioritizing new customers to drive revenue and customer growth. These strategies expanded Oak Essentials’ market reach, ensuring continued growth and increased visibility in the competitive beauty market.

Solutions: Phase IV

Further Refinements for Peak Performance

During this phase, we concentrated on continuous optimizations to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With ample conversion data, we employed target ROAS smart bidding to automatically adjust bids, maximizing revenue while maintaining ROI thresholds. 

Furthermore, we launched full-funnel ad campaigns and applied advanced bidding strategies such as seasonality adjustments to capture maximum revenue during promotional and peak sales periods, including Black Friday.

Analytics & Tracking

Advanced Measurement & Attribution

We set up comprehensive conversion tracking for Google Ads using Google Tag Manager. Enhanced Conversions was also activated to improve data accuracy and enhance bidding capabilities. To facilitate campaign performance tracking, a customized reporting dashboard was built where Oak Essentials can easily view KPIs and campaign performance in real-time. Additionally, we partnered with Measured for incrementality reporting to identify the true incremental contribution of current campaigns.


Sustained Success and Growth

Through a strategic and multi-phase approach, we significantly transformed Oak Essentials’ digital marketing performance, enabling the brand to successfully enter the competitive beauty market and establish a distinct identity separate from its sister company, Jenni Kayne.

By addressing key challenges, optimizing existing campaigns, diversifying marketing tactics, and implementing advanced analytics and tracking solutions, we drove substantial growth and profitability. The results are impressive, with $1.9 million in revenue, 13.7K purchases, and a strong 5.7 ROAS. This case study highlights the power of a tailored, data-driven strategy in achieving outstanding success in the beauty market. Utopiads’ efforts not only boosted immediate sales but also expanded Oak Essentials’ market reach, ensuring long-term sustainable growth and customer engagement.

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