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Scaling E-commerce Sales for Women's Premium Fashion Retailer

Discover how Google Ads enabled Jenni Kayne to achieve remarkable growth in e-commerce sales and strengthen their digital presence.

Transforming Luxury Fashion Sales: A Year of Unparalleled Success at 27 ROAS

In just one year, Utopiads’ Google Ads campaign for Jenni Kayne achieved remarkable results, generating over $48 million in revenue and attracting 14,000 new customers. With an impressive 27.41 return on ad spend (ROAS), this case study demonstrates the power of strategic advertising in driving exceptional growth and elevating brand presence in the luxury fashion & home market.

  • The Highlight

    Revenue Generated

  • The Return


The results
  • 14K

    New Customers

  • 189K

    Clicks via Shopping Ads

  • 31M

    Impressions via Shopping Ads

  • 90K

    Online Purchases

The Challenge

Overcoming Key Obstacles

Jenni Kayne faced several significant challenges in their digital marketing efforts, hindering their ability to scale results. They struggled to expand their customer base, failing to reach consumers unaware of the brand. Inefficient spending on ineffective ads led to high customer acquisition costs and a low return on ad spend (ROAS). Additionally, an unoptimized product feed resulted in low product visibility on search results pages, limiting exposure to potential customers. These issues collectively prevented the retailer from achieving the scalability needed for substantial growth.

Solutions: Phase I

Maximize Current Setup & Cut Wastage

In Phase 1, the goal was to maximize the potential of existing Shopping campaigns. Our audit revealed these campaigns had a low market share of 29%, losing 65% of potential impressions due to a conservative bidding strategy. By adopting a more aggressive bidding plan, we aimed to significantly increase impression share and attract more new customers at a still profitable CPA, even if it increased by 2-3 times.

We executed a full account revamp, fixing identified issues, and relaunching the optimized campaigns. This approach enhanced the current campaigns without starting from scratch, allowing us to capture a larger impression share and boost the volume of profitable new customers.

Solutions: Phase II

Diversifying Campaign Mix

In Phase 2, the focus was on creating a balanced and forward-thinking campaign mix. This involved introducing Dynamic Search Ads, Dynamic Remarketing Ads, and Competitor Search campaigns to complement the foundational Shopping campaigns. These additional campaign types aimed to elevate brand awareness, consideration, and action. By analyzing search volumes for own-brand and competitor-brand terms, and optimizing non-keyword-driven aspects, we ensured a comprehensive and robust marketing strategy, driving greater overall performance.

Solutions: Phase III

Advanced Optimization Strategies

Performance Max Campaigns
Utilized Performance Max to segment campaigns by key product categories: clothing, home, furniture, and shoes. Prioritized higher budgets for high-revenue categories to surpass ROAS objectives.

Optimized Product Feed
Partnered with Feedonomics to implement an enhanced product feed for improved product visibility in the search results page while reducing cost per click.

New Customer Acquisition Bidding
Enabled new customer acquisition goals in Shopping and Performance Max campaigns to prioritize purchases from new customers.

Solutions: Phase IV

Advanced Optimization Strategies

Search and Dynamic Search Ads
Layered high-performing in-market audiences into Search and Dynamic Search ads, targeting users at their peak purchase intent to lower acquisition costs. Targeted high-intent non-brand keywords to support new customer acquisition goals.

Seasonal Campaigns (Search, PMax, Demand Gen)
Showcased Jenni Kayne’s seasonal inventories via targeted campaign initiatives in sync with search trends and rising consumer demands. Leveraged insights from our Google partnership to forecast seasonal trends.

YouTube and Demand Gen Campaigns
Launched full-funnel YouTube and Demand Gen campaigns. Targeted relevant prospecting audiences and remarketed to website visitors and cart abandoners by showing tailored ads based on previously viewed products.

Solutions: Analytics & Tracking

Advanced Measurement & Attribution

To improve measurement accuracy and enhance bidding capabilities, we implemented Google Ads’ Enhanced Conversion Tracking. Additionally, we built a customized reporting dashboard, accessible 24/7, offering clear and concise information on campaign performance for real-time insights. To further refine our strategy, we partnered with Measured for incrementality testing and reporting, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of campaign effectiveness.


Achieving Remarkable Growth

Through strategic optimization and a comprehensive, multi-phase approach, Utopiads significantly enhanced the performance of the Jenni Kayne’s digital marketing efforts. By addressing key challenges, optimizing existing campaigns, diversifying the campaign mix, and implementing advanced analytics and tracking solutions, we drove substantial growth and profitability. The results speak for themselves, with impressive revenue generation, a high return on ad spend, and a significant increase in new customer acquisition. This case study demonstrates the power of a well-rounded, data-driven strategy in achieving outstanding success in the competitive luxury fashion market.

Results are everything. It's that simple.