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How To Stay Human While Using AI

Written by Megan

Leveraging AI in Content Marketing

My Experiences as a Content Marketing Specialist

There’s no doubt that AI technology has grown rapidly in the past year, and it’s been especially evident with its growing application in the digital marketing industry. As a Content Marketing Specialist myself, and may I add a team of one, I would be crazy not to reap its benefits for producing content; making processes faster and more efficient.

As our Content Marketing Specialist, I am regularly trying to create enough content, and generate enough ideas each week for all of our social channels and our blog. AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Canva’s Magic Media have been my saving grace for coming up with content ideas related to our industry, assisting with writing or creating instagram captions (while utilizing our brand voice), as well as creating imagery that I wouldn’t be able to create myself. While there’s quite obviously a ton of benefits for using AI for content creation, maintaining a human element is still of the utmost importance. Genuine storytelling, emotional intelligence, and creative nuances that resonate with audiences on a personal level cannot be fully replicated by AI.

AI as a Tool, Not a Replacement

Chasen M, in his article related to AI vs Authenticity, explains this perfectly; he compares AI to the Sheldon Coopers of the world “a brilliant physicist who knows so much about the scientific world, can name almost any fact in such fields, but has one specific flaw that he ends up developing throughout the show: not fully capable of understanding human interactions and emotions.” Having authenticity in your content builds trust and loyalty among your client base.

Enhancing Social Media with AI: From Captions to Imagery

With that in mind, I would like to demonstrate some ways in which you can use AI as a tool in content creation, while still keeping your human touch.

Enhancing Your Brand’s Voice

One way I love to use AI in regards to social media is using it to generate captivating headlines within a post, or captions for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn by giving it a prompt explaining what my post is about and how to tie it to the PPC industry. To create a good prompt for AI written content, start by clearly defining your objective. Include specific details about the style, tone, and key elements you want in the output. You can then give constructive feedback, to ensure the output is exactly what you are looking for. Take a look below at what I mean here:

Prompt: Can you make an instagram caption related to how our clients can enjoy their vacation in peace knowing we’re looking after their PPC campaigns?

ChatGPT: “Set sail on your dream vacation with total peace of mind 🌴⛵️ While you’re out making memories, rest assured we’re back home steering your PPC campaigns to success. Enjoy your getaway; your digital empire is in expert hands. 🍹💼 #DigitalPeace #VacationModeOn”

Prompt: Keep it more short and sweet

ChatGPT: “Relax on your vacation; we’ve got your campaigns covered. 🌴✨ #StressFreeVacay”

Given this example, you can see I had my own idea for what I ultimately wanted the post caption to be about, but I used AI as my assistant to tweak the caption and make it sound better.

Crafting the Perfect Visuals for Your Brand

Another way I love to use AI for content creation is through imagery. Using AI to create unique, one of a kind images based on certain prompts you give it is a great way to add to your overall brand – without using photography you have to take yourself or attempting to find stock photos based on a search.

To craft a good prompt for creating AI imagery, it’s important to be specific about the desired outcome while leaving room for creative interpretation. Here’s a template:

“Create an image that captures [describe the scene/theme], featuring [specific elements]. The mood should be [describe the mood or atmosphere], with a color palette of [mention specific colors or tones]. Include [any specific details] to enhance the visual narrative.”

Take a look below to see some of the imagery I have created through AI prompts:

Prompt: Create a photograph of a pool at sunset with palm trees using pinks and blues

Prompt: Create a photograph of a floaty in a pool with a retro feel.

Prompt: Create a photograph of a pool at sunset with palm trees using pinks and blues

Humanizing Your Content Strategy

Brand Personality and Real Stories

Injecting our brand personality into the content of our posts to show our brand’s unique voice is one way we can do this. We can also share real stories from our team or clients – this can be through storytelling or sharing case studies. We can also feature our team members in posts to give that human element. Instead of using AI as a tool to generate content from start to finish, look at it as a place to draw inspiration from. Ultimately, let AI assist with content generation, but add your own insights, analysis, or personal takeaways to make it more engaging and relatable.

An Assistant to Human Creativity

While AI offers incredible opportunities for innovation in digital marketing, the human aspect of content creation remains paramount. As Hannah suggests in her article; Staying Authentic While Using AI In Your Marketing Strategy “As you implement AI in your company, be sure to place your brand’s authenticity at the forefront. Doing so will ensure you don’t lose what makes you stand out while utilizing all that AI has to offer.” I’d like to encourage anyone using AI for content creation to keep the mindset of using it as an assistant rather than a replacement, ensuring content not only reaches but truly connects with your intended audience.


What are your thoughts on finding the right balance between leveraging AI and maintaining authenticity in content creation? Do you have any strategies and best practices for humanizing AI-generated content?

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