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Achieving $1.85M in New Business: Sensus Design Studio’s PPC Triumph

A comprehensive look at the strategies driving exceptional digital advertising results for a luxury custom home design and build company.

Sensus Design Studio’s $1.85M Business Growth through PPC

By partnering with us, Sensus Design Studio saw a remarkable 320% increase in conversions, with 3,138 website form submissions. Our targeted campaigns generated 458 direct calls from engaged users, leading to a significant boost in client interaction. Brand awareness efforts paid off with over 64,000 new Instagram followers, enhancing their social media presence. Additionally, the studio received an average of 7 new project proposals per month, marking a 250% increase from their previous average, totaling 79 new project proposals. This strategic PPC initiative culminated in an impressive $1,850,000 in new business acquired, delivering a 3.1x Return on Ad Spend. Dive into the full case study to see how tailored digital advertising can drive exceptional results.

  • The Highlight

    New Business Acquired

The results
  • 3,138

    Feasibility Form Submissions

  • 458

    Calls From Paid Ad Campaigns

  • 64,000+

    New Instagram Followers

  • 79

    New Project Proposals

The Challenge

Overcoming Obstacles to Drive Growth

Sensus Design Studio faced several significant challenges. They struggled with a low volume of leads, finding it difficult to generate enough monthly leads from Instagram to keep their sales pipeline filled. With no prior experience in paid advertising on Google or Meta, they solely relied on social media channels to acquire new customers. This lack of experience was compounded by their inability to track the source of their leads, making it impossible to differentiate where each lead came from. Additionally, as a newer brand, Sensus lacked the brand recognition they sought in their target geography, which further hindered their growth efforts.

Solutions: Phase I

Establishing Robust Lead Tracking and CRM Integration

To address Sensus Design Studio’s challenges, we initiated Phase 1 by migrating them from using Google Sheets to a proper HubSpot CRM, ensuring accurate lead tracking and source attribution. This foundational setup was integral to the success of our subsequent campaigns. We implemented a comprehensive GA4 setup to track form submissions, email engagements, and phone call events, and used Google Tag Manager for detailed conversion tracking on both Google and Meta platforms. Additionally, a full call tracking system was established to ensure lead source attribution for all incoming calls. We uploaded all existing customer data into HubSpot CRM and integrated HubSpot code on the website to track incoming leads and their sources accurately.

This approach ensured that Sensus Design Studio had a solid foundation for tracking and managing leads, setting the stage for the successful execution of their PPC campaigns.

Solutions: Phase II

Implementing Targeted Search and Social Ad Campaigns

In Phase II, we focused on launching strategic ad campaigns across Google and Meta to drive high-intent traffic and engage prospects. For Google Search Ads, we launched multiple campaigns targeting high-intent keywords, including competitor brand keywords to enhance brand awareness in the home design and construction space. We layered these campaigns with a high-income audience filter to ensure high-quality leads and used an extensive negative keyword list to avoid unrelated searches. On Meta, we set up website conversion campaigns showcasing Sensus Design’s work in targeted geographies, employing various ad formats like single images, slideshows, and videos to maximize audience engagement. Additionally, we launched an Instagram Reels campaign to leverage this high-converting format and refreshed creatives quarterly to prevent ad fatigue. For Meta Retargeting Ads, we retargeted website visitors with ads highlighting full transformations, from design to final outcome, and users who engaged with their Facebook and Instagram pages with their most popular projects. This comprehensive approach ensured sustained engagement and conversion throughout the campaign.

Solutions: Phase III

Advanced Optimizations for Maximum Impact

In Phase III, we implemented advanced optimizations to maximize the impact of our campaigns. We launched a dedicated competitor campaign to capture market share from key rivals. Geo-targeting was expanded beyond the Greater Toronto Area to include other high-income areas across Ontario and Canada, broadening our reach to potential clients in affluent regions. To further enhance engagement and grow the social media following, we initiated Meta post boost campaigns, which significantly increased interaction and followers on Instagram. Leveraging the intel on lead sources from HubSpot, we invested more in campaigns that proved to drive sales, ensuring that our budget was allocated to the most effective strategies. These advanced optimizations were pivotal in amplifying Sensus Design Studio’s digital presence and driving sustained business growth.


A Success Story of Strategic PPC Implementation

Through a phased approach, we successfully transformed Sensus Design Studio’s digital marketing efforts, resulting in substantial business growth and increased brand awareness. By establishing robust lead tracking and CRM integration in Phase I, we laid a solid foundation for effective campaign management. Phase II’s targeted search and social ad campaigns drove high-intent traffic and engaged prospects, while Phase III’s advanced optimizations expanded reach and maximized impact. These strategic efforts culminated in a remarkable $1.85 million in new business, a 320% increase in primary conversion actions, and significant boosts in social media following and project proposals. This case study highlights the power of a well-executed PPC strategy in achieving exceptional results and setting the stage for ongoing success.

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